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18-6/18-4 can filling machine

4000-6000 Cans/Hour can filling line

18-6 / 18-4 can filling machine

4000-6000 cans/hour can filling machine

18 heads can Filling machine
<1> 304/316 Stainless steel high precision filling nozzle
<2> Filling volume adjustable in fine rank, same liquid level after filling
<3> All 304/316 stainless steel contact parts & liquid tank, fine polish, no death corner, easy to clean
<4> 304/316 stainless steel filling pump
<5>Efficient spray nozzle rinse thoroughly and save water for flushing

6 Capping heads
<1> Place and capping system, electromagnetic capping heads, with burden discharge function, make sure minimum bottle crash during
<2> All 304/316 stainless steel construction
<3> No bottle no capping
<4> Automatic stop when lack of bottle
<5>Capping effect is stable and reliable ,Defective rate ≤0.2% .













Can Volume

200ml to 1000ml

Can Diameter

50mm to 70mm

Can High

120mm to 170ml







Machine Size






Flat conveyor.
1/Energy saving. High efficient. Adapt to customer factory layout
2/Special lubrication system, keep products clean, health, safety
3/Extended service life
4/Electric eyes design keep whole line running safety and quickly
5/Overload protection mechanism to effectively ensure the safety of the machine

empty can spray washer.
1/Scope of application: water spraying and drying on the slope of the tin can.
2/water spraying box made by stainless steel structure.
3/the built-in ¢32 mm stainless steel spray pipe, divide into two segments, hot and cold water tank temperature higher than 85
4/tank cage, by ¢article 8 mm stainless steel.
5/the support frame is composed of 50mm x 50mm x 2mm stainless steel square pipe.

Can Spray sterilizing chille.
including local control cabinet and electrical control device
1/Mainly for cooling and sterilization
2/The main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, the top is designed to be openable for easy maintenance and
3/Nozzles are manufactured using U.S. technology and spray water evenly
4/Conveyor belt adopts Rexnor technology, flat surface with small wear

Can Nitrogen dosing machine
Nitrogen injection machine design for Aluminium can and PET bottle(low weight preform).
This liquid nitrogen injection system adopts the heat insulation like rocket and human-machine interface. Precisely injection.

Can Filling liquid level detector
The principle that the intensity of rays varies with the position
of the material surface to control the capacity of liquid material to be tested and filled because of its non-contact measurement.It solves the problem that the conventional weighing
method can not measure the volume of liquid material on production ine.

18-4 can filling tank

18-4 beer can filling nozzle

It is suitable for filling and capping carbonated beverage such as beer, CSD, etc. It is equipped the advanced device, electrical equipment, and pneumatic control technology. It has the characteristics of filling reposefully, high speed, liquid level control, capping reliably, frequency conversion timing, less material loss. It can be equipped long-distance control system. It is the preferred equipment for the medium beer and beverage plant.

18-4 can sealing can seamer

carbonated beverage can filling nozzle

Working procedure  Can is pushed into can holding platform one by one by feeding screw and star-wheel. Centering cup of filling valve will fall to can; the distance between filling valves and cans is sealed by springiness plastic ring. The movement of centering cup is generated by plastic idler wheel along curvilinear motion. After filled, valve will be closed, air is discharged, and centering cup will rise from the can. Filled can will be sent to conveyor chain, then to capper. Capper will take cap, turn over the edge of can and turn the edge to finish the sealing action by the control of cam. After that can is transferred to conveying system.

stainless stell frame 18-4 can filling machine

18-4 can filling machine conveyor belt

whole line 18-4 can filling line

Main features
1) Wholly sealed widow structure which is beautiful, concise, easy and highly operated;
2) Cycling tank design with precision polishing inside;
3) High precision and large flow rate filling valves to meet productive requirement;
4) Specially designed roller structure which is easy to be adjusted, locked and ensure sealing function;
5) Friendly and convenient operating panel with high expansibility.
6)The filling valve is adopts high precision mechanism valve, fast speed filling, high precision liquid level.
7) The filling vat adopts 316L material designed sealing vat, to achieve constant pressure filling.
8) The flow rate of the filling valve>125ml/s.
9) Main transmission adopts toothed belt and gearbox open-type transmission assemblies, high efficiency, low noise.
10) The main drive adopts step-less speed change for frequency conversion, the whole machine adopts PLC control; the capping machine and filling machine adopt coupling joint, to ensure synchronization of two machines.
11) With filling with can, no filling without can.
12) The filling manner is constant pressure filling, with fast filling speed and stable action.
13) Adopting introduce into full set of Switzerland (Ferrum) capping technology.
15) With capping with can, no capping without can control system, to ensure the normal running of the machine.


18-4 beer can filling video