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can packing machine

can packing machine

can packing machine


Product Detail 

1. It is equipped with automatic bottle conveying, film packaging, sealing and cutting, shrinking, cooling and shaping functions.

2. In the process of forward transportation of products, it can automatically form a package, thereby saving time and improving packaging efficiency.

3. With Siemens PLC, automatic working process can be carried out.

4. The isothermal sealing knife is used, and the surface is sprayed with Teflon material, and the sealing is even and firm.

5. The touch screen operation panel, the user interface is safe, and it is absolutely easy to operate the machine.

6. It can adapt to different bottlenecks and bottle combinations.

7. It is an ideal model for medium-speed shrink packaging machines in the market. Convenient operation and easy maintenance.

Application: The automatic linear bottle shrink packaging machine can be applied to automatic packaging production lines for beer, beverages, purified water, juice, dairy products, etc.

Can packing machine parameter

Machine Model OK-20B
Machine size 14000x1100x2100mm
Maine size 3200x1100x2100mm
Shrinking Tunel 4800x1080x920mm
Conveyor belt 4800x1080x1840mm
Max packing size 600x400x350mm
Shrinking size 2400x680x450mm
Packer speed 15-20PCS/MIN
Conveyor big size 620mm
Cut temperater 1s  degree 180-260
Power 380V 30 50HZ  30KW
Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Weight 2500Kg







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