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How to distinguish between good and bad filling machines

How to distinguish between good and bad filling machines

Good filling machine PK bad filling machine

Many customers do not understand, why the appearance of the machine looks same , the price of the machine will be very different . Many customers do not know the difference between good filling machines and poor filling machines, here I will explain to you. Machine direct difference.

1. Filling machine Frame

Bad filling machine frame is about 45x45mm

Good filler machine frame 120x60mm 


2. Filling Machine tank

Bad filling machine tank design is bad,looks uglily.

use bad stainless steel SUS201 or SUS202 thickness 1.5mm , easily deformed .

Good filling tank ,use SUS316 ,and thickness is 3mm 

it's very strong and desing looks better .

3. capping part

Bad capping part is small , when running will shaking 

Good capper part is running smooth and steady stable .

4 .water filling machine filling nozzle

Bad filling nozzle small and short,filling level not same

Good filling nozzle use 2 time opens to filling, filling level is same

5.  Filling Machine gear

Bad filling machine gear all use iron and only 20mm.

iron to iron will easy broken and shaking and have big noise .

Good Filling machine use oil nylon Gear and iron 40mm.

will small noise ,no shaking and can use more and more long time .

5. Fillier connect pipe

Good filling line use stainless steel pipe to connect 

bad filling machine connect use plastic pipe

6. The material of Filling machine pillars

bad filling machine pillar use stainless steel pipe

inside is iron , it's easy rust .

Good filling machine , whole pillar use stainless steel .

7. About the filling machine bearing 

Bad bearing is wihout brand. 

easy rust and lifetime is 1-2 years 

if you put oil into bearing on time , also easy rust and broken .

Good bearing no rust ,har to rust .

Our factory use World famous brand NSK and SKF .

lifetime is 5-10 yeas , if you add oil evry month 

can use 15-30years .

8. Filling machine electric control 

Bad electric control box , all part wihtou brand .

Good electric box all part use world famous brand .

like SIEMENS , MITSUBISHI ,Panasonic ,Schneider ......

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