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can palletizer

can palletizer

can palletizer


This equipment has a scientific process flow, reliable performance, high degree of automation, simple operation and high cost performance. It is an ideal packaging equipment for various companies and is welcomed by the food and beverage industry and the chemical industry.




4000-15000 Cans/hour

Can size

Metal  Can / PET can

Air pressure

0.6-0.8 Mpa


380V 3P  5.5kw



a. Mechanical structure is simple, solid, less land occupation, low maintenance, long service life;  b. The whole machine is controlled by imported PLC, with multiple safety protection, reliable operation and full automatic operation;   c. Suitable for various stacking and bottle types, convenient adjustment and high production efficiency;  d. With touch-screen control, friendly interface and easy operation;  e. Using high quality conveyor chain segmented transmission, the access section can be lengthened arbitrarily  f. Motor, cylinder drive and control are all imported famous brand components   g. Try to use 304 materials, which meet the hygienic standard, the machine is beautiful and generous.