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can nitrogen fillin

Easy-pull can nitrogen filling machine

Easy-pull can nitrogen filling machine
Nitrogen filling machine
Nitrogen injection machine
  • Easy-pull can nitrogen filling machine

  • Nitrogen filling machine

  • Nitrogen injection machine

  • liquid Nitrogen Doser




Function: The system will accurately measure liquid nitrogen and accurately add it into the can or bottle when the aluminum can or light PET drink is about to be sealed or capped after filling. The liquid nitrogen added to the tank or bottle will quickly absorb heat gasification (into a gas), the volume expansion of 700 times, one will be the top of the tank/bottle oxygen driven out, two will produce internal pressure, completely solve the problem of deflated tank/bottle, at the same time because the air in the product is replaced by nitrogen, improve the quality of the product, prolong the life of the product. What's more, it can save more than 15% of your packing cost and shipping cost.

Main technical parameters:

Material: 304 stainless steel

Production capacity: 50-2000 cans/min (start speed of continuous filling can be set)

Nozzle pressure: 0.9pa

Rated voltage: 110~220VAC 50/60Hz ±10%

Current: ≤5A

Humidity: Relative humidity 0-100%

Working altitude: 3050 meters (10000FT) above sea level

Noise: continuous noise ≤78dB (A)

Nitrogen consumption: 0.15 L/h

Dimensions: 700 × 350 × 1600mm (height adjustable)

Machine weight: 32KG