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Filling Machines Packing  Machines list

1. Many customers ask about the cans filling machine, There are two simple types ,cans filling machine includes co2 filling, non-Carbonated filling. carbonated like with gas co2 beverage as : beer can filling machine , cola can filling machine , carbonated can filling machine ....Non-conbonated can filling includes beverage can filling machine , juice can filling machine , Red Bull energy drinks can filling machine


2. The common volume of a can 270ml , 330ml . 500ml
330ml Caliber: 52mm  Diameter: 66mm    Height: 115mm

500ml Caliber: 52mm  Diameter: 66mm    Height: 167mm


3. The whole can filling line including
can depalletizer , can rinser/can washing , Can filling sealing machine , can dater printercan
liquid level measurement , can Nitrogen Dosing System can sterilizerZXJ-L automatic can case packer ,can robot palletizer

4. According to the model list for cola line :

Molde: 12-1 juice/cola/beer can filling machine  (Capacity:1500-2000Cans/hour )
Molde: 12-4 carbonated beer juice caning machine (Capacity:2000-3000Cans/hour )

Molde: 18-4/18-6 beer can filling sealing machine  (Capacity:4000-6000Cans/hour )

Molde: 24-6 beer cola juice beverage canning machine (Capacity:6000-8000Cans/hour )

Molde: 36-8 capacity can filling and seaming machine  ( Capacity:12000-15000Cans/hour )
Molde: 40-8 beer cola can filler and seamer   (Capacity:15000-20000Cans/hour )

5. If you want to buy a production line of cans, the first choice is to determine what drinks to make, the second is to determine the volume of cans, and the third is to determine the output and what equipment the whole production line needs.


6. Can caps size detail :


Can cap 200: size 50.8 MM

Can cap 202:size 53.975mm ( 54mm ) special 57mm 59 mm

Can cap 206:size 60.325mm

Can cap 209:size 65.0875mm



 7. whole can filling machine line include machines :


    1.can palletizer ( empty can Depalletizers Despaletizadores )


    2 can filling machine (can washign filling and sealing machine)


    3 can label machine (if can with print label no need this label machine)


    4 can date printer ()

    5can packing machine