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24-4 can filling machine

8000-10000 Cans/Hour can filling line

Automatic 10000CPH 24-4 can filling machine

8000-10000 cans/hour can filling machine


24-4 Canning Filling Machine
This 24-4 type fully automatic canning machine is special designed for medium or large capacity breweries. It adopts counter
pressure filling principle. It has advantages of fast filling speed, high precision in liquid level and it only starts filling
when there is a can, otherwise it will not fill.working is reliable.
1.It adopts counter pressure filling principle.
2.The filling valve adopts high precision mechanical valve.
3.It has advantage of filling spped, high precision in liquid level and it only starts filling when there is can.
4.Using the device structure of filling valve precover decive and supporting bottom device.
5.Filling cylinder braces use worm-gear box going up and down to satisfy cans of different height.







Can Volume

200ml to 1000ml


50mm to 70mm

Can High

120mm to 170ml 







This combination machine is suitable for the filling and sealing of beer and beverage industry.This combination machine is filled with single room pressure filling valve, which can not be used in the filling process.The seal is a double winding edge spinning and frequency control control.Are characterized by their smooth filling, large flow, speed, filling quantity allowed, no tank filling, dripping, cylinder depth of the liquid level automatic control, material cylinder can be automatic cleaning disinfection,the characteristics of the production speed is adjustable, suitable for filling and sealing all kinds of cans.

The complete production line includes:

2.Drink mixing system
3.Drink C02 mixer
4.water treatment system
4.can washing filling sealing machine
5.can warming tunnel
6.PE film packaging machine
7.Carton box Packaging machine
8.Automatic Depalletizer










Automatic 8000-10000CPH 24-4 Can filling machine video